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About me

Hi, I'm Siena and I know nothing!

Admittedly, that's not entirely true. I've been working as a editor and videographer for around three years now. But something I've come to love about both crafts, is the sheer quantity of how much there is to learn, as well as the propensity for improvement in this field. It's a reality that's equally energising as it is humbling. And that's exactly why I'm pursuing it. 

Like most creatives, this started as a hobby for me. It all began with a second hand $200 GoPro in Vietnam. I had decided I was going to create a super awesome, epic, hardcore, fierce travel montage video

The end result was nowhere near the expectation, but I fell in love with the process.


Gradually over the course of 5 years, I started teaching myself everything I could, through any learning material I could get my hands on. 

Eventually, with hard work, dumb luck and a LOT of belief from the people around me, I was able to step into full-time freelance work. Throughout this experience I've been lucky enough to meet some amazing people that have taught me to grow in so many ways, and to visit the very places that inspired me to take up photography and videography so long ago.

For the next few years of my life, I'm committed to absorbing everything I possibly can in this field, which is why I've relocated to Europe from Australia, allowing me to grab my camera and go wherever any opportunity takes me (whilst conveniently cutting out the 24 hour transit). 

More specifically, I'd love to be working for people and companies with strong roots in social impact. From B-Corps, to NFP's, to people who are just creating a positive impact- I'd love to help those that are helping the world. 

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